Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rabbit hole

Oh dear lifestyle blog how I've neglected you.
Changes have come and new norms have etched themselves into my portrait. I don't go out much, I'm beginning to be one of those nonchalant sorts you picture with a beret,ironic shades in daylight and a cigarette dangling from partially open lips...maybe not to that extreme (ha) but I am rather dull. Mostly been attending my boyfriends (wonderful) events whenever possible. well being that I have no more words and a picture is worth a thousand:

Children of the Night (Public Assembly)

Remy & Prophit (Public Assembly)

Melo & I (21/7 relaunch party)

Kathy & I (Nana's B-day,Bronx)

Woof The Phonocator post party (Diner)

Nini & I (21/7 Re-launch party)

Vashties B-day (Santos)

WoofXSpanish Fly (Sutra)

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