Friday, August 13, 2010

Music to end your summer right

Been meaning to make this post for some time. Music is not my forte, I will not argue about it and really like the most random things. I'm just putting these out there. Formulate your own opinions, but most of all Enjoy

My talented boyfriend Woof's newest mix. The end gets me super hype. Download & share :)
For more check out his Blog Or follow his Twitter

Meet Peril :)
Been keeping tabs on his success since myspace days and he's just a pretty awesome guy. His music is sort of what you might hear if you went to a hip hop club located inside a video game. I forget which tape its on but "Ride Cheeks" makes me want to do bad things, in a good way.
Click the link above to download some of his music or check out his music and far more on his Blog
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Oh & you can find a lil something from me on his blog too.

Okay so this definitely makes my Dominican side very happy. Especially love track 4 (no me uses). Download and be prepared to dance your culito's off.
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They've brought you unique apparel and wild parties now AnmlHse delves into mixtapes.A great summer medley of independent artist and friends of the the photo above for download.

Had a chance to hear some of this live and loved it. Of course I'm biased being that my significant other mixed it. Have a listen for yourselves & let me know what you think.For more info visit
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I'm sure I've missed some that Id intended to mention, but it is 3AM after all.Listen and enjoy loves.
Currently in Florida. Schools over for the summer & im taking some time off to recuperate financialy and hopefully get my own place, with or without room mates assisting me.I didnt really do much before I left besides shop, shop & then shop some more. The fact that the manager of this hotel is our friend and this place feels like my second home makes vacation pretty dull actually. I cant wait to get back into the swing of things in NY, things just feel more alive there.
Just a few summer nights I bothered to take photos of before I left.

Went to a club in Brooklyn with my sister despite how much I hate those, charge at the door,grown and sexy, ent. promoted, latin techno playing, type clubs. I try to keep my eldest sibling content. I got into a fight with her ex ( sober at that) & we ended the night at my 'hood' staple Gran Mar De Plata.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rabbit hole

Oh dear lifestyle blog how I've neglected you.
Changes have come and new norms have etched themselves into my portrait. I don't go out much, I'm beginning to be one of those nonchalant sorts you picture with a beret,ironic shades in daylight and a cigarette dangling from partially open lips...maybe not to that extreme (ha) but I am rather dull. Mostly been attending my boyfriends (wonderful) events whenever possible. well being that I have no more words and a picture is worth a thousand:

Children of the Night (Public Assembly)

Remy & Prophit (Public Assembly)

Melo & I (21/7 relaunch party)

Kathy & I (Nana's B-day,Bronx)

Woof The Phonocator post party (Diner)

Nini & I (21/7 Re-launch party)

Vashties B-day (Santos)

WoofXSpanish Fly (Sutra)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I think Im getting bored with going out every night..I havent done it in some time I'd like to catch more shows and support my uber talented friends however. Got to spend a lovely afternoon with Kay at the Hellz bellzXClaw Money sample sale. Mm and a yummy lunch at blockheads (their vegetarian friendly tofu burritos are to die for). Also went to a show at Public Assembly featuring some of my favorites like Children of the Night, Prophit and Eric sosa. Had some trouble getting in and the popular advice was "Tell them youre an MC"...haaa. Oh and we dont want to mention Redbull space..just..if you were there you know..ew.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some more late summer nights.Yo Hablo Pum Pum, Belmont lounge, 205 Lounge,Cain Luxe.

Remy Banks of Children of the Night
FYI one should never mix wine with vodka and Moet.Drunk to the 1000th power at this point
so this girl was flirting with me all night...haii lol (Cain Luxe)
Carol (Cain Luxe)
Carol && I(Belmont Lounge)
(205 Lounge)
(205 Lounge)
Woof (205 Lounge)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Soooo its been a while eh? I promise I have not given up my study by day party by night habits.Rather I was devoured by my native home of Florida and just recently been spit back on to the shores of New York. Ive met a lot of amazing people and have gone to a lot of great places. I of course forgot my camera or was too late to attend a few things. Like the Sobe Lifewater event I finally got to RSVP for Thanks to my love Kay.Also what I heard was the summers most amazing rooftop party DJ'ed by DJ Arq as well as Woof. There's plenty of nights of forgotten bliss and just as many I'll never forget. I'd say summer '09 was a great testament to the glory of youth. Photographic evidence below :)
Deemehlow && Maluca (Santos)
Colin Munroe and friends(Santos)
I know it doesnt look like it But thats Rosario Dawson dancing with Maluca (Santos)
Deemehlow under every fathomable influence on his birfday (Diner near 105 Rivington)
Sarita && Jorge (Happy Endings)
I look like a boy in this one...eek(Happy Endings)
Me Being very drunk At No Hablo Ingles (Fat Baby)
Joel Better known as 40oz Van && I (Fat Baby)
Moomia on a usual Tuesday nights LoveXLove party
The lovely && intellectual Milana Starr
Carol,Britt && (eff)Freddy

Chuk(an amazing photographer click the link),Britt && co.