Friday, August 13, 2010

Music to end your summer right

Been meaning to make this post for some time. Music is not my forte, I will not argue about it and really like the most random things. I'm just putting these out there. Formulate your own opinions, but most of all Enjoy

My talented boyfriend Woof's newest mix. The end gets me super hype. Download & share :)
For more check out his Blog Or follow his Twitter

Meet Peril :)
Been keeping tabs on his success since myspace days and he's just a pretty awesome guy. His music is sort of what you might hear if you went to a hip hop club located inside a video game. I forget which tape its on but "Ride Cheeks" makes me want to do bad things, in a good way.
Click the link above to download some of his music or check out his music and far more on his Blog
Follow him on Twitter as well
Oh & you can find a lil something from me on his blog too.

Okay so this definitely makes my Dominican side very happy. Especially love track 4 (no me uses). Download and be prepared to dance your culito's off.
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They've brought you unique apparel and wild parties now AnmlHse delves into mixtapes.A great summer medley of independent artist and friends of the the photo above for download.

Had a chance to hear some of this live and loved it. Of course I'm biased being that my significant other mixed it. Have a listen for yourselves & let me know what you think.For more info visit
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I'm sure I've missed some that Id intended to mention, but it is 3AM after all.Listen and enjoy loves.

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